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A term used to define actions taken by a nigga.
"yo bob was straight nigrish when he stabbed that fool down on 45th street."
by Jason Law July 22, 2006
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The butchered version of the English language used by niggers.
All rap and R&B songs are sung in nigrish
by Hutchinator July 13, 2006
Acting as if black. Commonly done by wiggers.
Nigrish is acting stereotypically in the black or gangster way.
by Nathan and Melissa February 20, 2009
A word, used by some people of mixed African and Irish heritage for themselves. Probably seen as offensive if used by those outside of African-American culture.
When he found out that he and Stuart shared Irish heritage, Deshawn exclaimed, "Yo, I'm part Irish too. I'm Nigrish!"
by Michio Sagan July 29, 2012

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