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Spam on Twitter.

Treet is a canned meat product, similar to Spam, in the USA. Treet is made with chicken and pork.

Treet has a less greasy texture than Spam, more akin to bologna or vienna sausages. Like Spam, it is often heated before consumption. This includes frying or baking. Baked Treet with ketchup or steak sauce is often referred to as "Treet loaf" after meat loaf. Although it is officially a "spiced luncheon loaf", Treet is often called "Treet meat". For unknown reasons, possibly ingredient costs, Treet is copied for private label luncheon loaf more often than Spam. While very popular, and often less expensive than Spam, Treet does not have Spam's cult following.
I keep getting treets from some clown in India trying to sell me Cialis.
by Nilbud August 15, 2011
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