1. A bad dream
2. A french metal band
3. A AWESOME Japanese visual kei band
"Omfg, I had the scariest nightmare!"

"LOLZ Nightmare is pretty good!

"Have you heard Nightmare's newest single?"
by Rurululu July 15, 2008
Going to sleep every night knowing that I will provably not have you in my dreams.

Bad dreams that unease your state of mind.

Dreams that show your true fears.
After spending the whole day with you it was such a nightmare going to sleep.

Oh man I had such a nightmare last night. I dreamed that I was alone and a freaking clown was stalking me.
by midana zuno July 21, 2009
from soulcaliber 1,2&3, before he was nightmare,he was know as the holy knight sigefriend but before sigefriend could destroy the unholy sword the sword told him to pick it up and use it to track down the one who killed his father,so he did and nightmare takes over when ever siegefriend is sleepin
boy:omg Nightmare is so Fuking kick ass on soulcaliber 1,2&3!
by Spike L April 04, 2008
The black jaunce that unexpectedly releases itself from the pants of TRICK. The nightmare is a sight unforgettable to the memory. Be careful when receiving exposure to the nightmare. Warning: Might permanently damage the eyesight, but its a classic.
"Oops, I dropped my towel"
"Ah trick, put the nightmare back"
by The one and only March 03, 2005
A really cool evil knight guy in the Soulcalibur games.
by The Wraith October 05, 2003
A demonic shadow that will possess a certain human and will
Give them godlike powers over the darkness.
Will only attack if it is pissed off at people who make fun of it's host.
My shadow can be such a nightmare.
by Lizard51 October 23, 2012
A ho, who's bloodline includes lame steeds, jackasses, and brokedown quarter horses. A defining characteristic is protruding teeth that could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence and an undeserved sense of accomplishment and entitlement. Be careful kids: Don't stand behind this bucking glue factory.

Often considered the arch-nemesis of the centaur this beast is finding it way back to population. If encountered, this creature often answers to: Beast, Oat Bagger, Apple Hoarder, Hoochie Mama, Lame 'O', Boss Lady, and sometimes Ed or Stacey
Man 1: 'Hey Latrell, I'm gonna go to the stable and pick up that horse for a lap round da track. Man 2: be careful, yo... That bitch isn't a lame horse, she's a Night Mare, and has a cock that she will use on you.

Man 1: Yo Fuck that. I'm callin the glue factory.
by BoppoDeBoppo February 11, 2010

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