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This term was used during the Jim Crow Law days when the rednecks of the South couldn't pronounce the words due to their heavily Southern drawls. Used vastly in the movie Mississipi Burning in the correct anounciation. Also has been coined as being the combination of "NIGGER" and "NEGRO"
These nigras was alright 'til y'all come down here to mess with them.
by gotdayum March 30, 2005
A "trifling Negro". One who encroaches on matters to make them seem more important than they actually are, acting ridiculously.
That fool was being such a niggra, trying to tell me that the KFC Snacker was "the best damn deal ever".
by J Cags May 14, 2008
A female nigger.
Nigger 1: Dayum! Look at that niggra's huge ass!

Nigger 2: I'd tap that all day!
by Big Dibbo August 12, 2011
Niggra - a less controversial term for African Americans, NOT to be confused with Nigger. Niggra is not meant to cause offense to anyone. It's like saying "Brotha"
What is up my Niggra, what's goin on down your way F00!?
by Tizz June 17, 2004
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