nigger rigging AKA afro-engineering: the process of using whatever you have on hand or can afford to fix or improves something,
The Maxwell House high-performance exhaust on that Civic is one of the finest pieces of nigging I have ever seen.
by ANON May 15, 2004
Top Definition
1) Barely scraping by. Scrounging for money, food, ect.

2) Stealing money around the house so that you can afford to buy more weed.
"Man, I'm broke"

"It's cool man, I'll do some nigging, I should get like $20 or so.."
by Joey Carrara April 05, 2008
Doing something that a nigger would do.
You have got to be nigging me.
by Calvin_Devin February 16, 2004
To say, do, act, and things that a nigger would do.
Devin: I raped a whigger.
Calvin: You must be nigging me.
by Calvin and Devin February 17, 2004
1. Riding in a car with someone who drives really fast. Usually this word is used when on a road trip or driving around with no destination in mind.
2. Bboying or breakdancing.
Let's go nig in your car. *you drive around aimlessly for hours going really fast*

You wanna go nigging after school?
by Nig-Marty July 31, 2006
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