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Fellow Homie... variation of "My Nigger"
J³ says: "Sup my nig nig!?"
by Jason S, the J³ September 13, 2005
88 37
a friend or homie; usually a good one. Used in a good way and not in a derogatory way.
"Hey wassup?"
"Yo what's up my nignig."
by asianTeela July 05, 2008
43 9
a friendly gesture. other than nigga
o!thas ma nignig right there!
by Tamari July 10, 2005
54 24
A term of endearment that white people use instead of nigga. as Michael J. Goodman once said, Nig-Nig is just a fun thing to say

(MJG is a butt)
sup nig-nig? got a stoge?
by La Negra March 09, 2005
27 15
a cleaver deviation from the infamous racial slur, 'nigga', which derives from 'nigger.' seemingly less offensive than the former two words yet still conveying the meaning. may also be used in the form, lil' nig nig
mehdi, why you being such a damn nig nig?
by 6f April 04, 2005
40 32
Name for a tamed wolf who may or may not be of African American persuasion
The other day I found a wolf mauling my neighbors cat, I named him Nignig
by Capez0r April 20, 2011
3 2
black people referring to dum dum lollipops
Yo, you want some nig nigs?
by Kobza March 03, 2011
2 1