Adverb; <nig - uh - ree>

1. Used to describe something a stereotypical African American would do
2. A general word used to describe something unusual, weird, or uninteresting
1. P1:"Why is this music so god-damned niggery?"

P2:"What the fuck do you have against 90's rap?"

2. P1:"God, dude, what is up with that guy's car?"

P2:"Whaddya mean?"

P1:"The paint-job, it''s just, niggery!"

P2:"Probably did it over the weekend with spray cans..."
by Bawce Nigga January 07, 2013
Top Definition
Noun. A building where African Americans are manufactured.
Neighbor: "Has anyone else noticed how peaceful the neighborhood has become since they shut down the old niggery?"
by Stormshadow6 October 24, 2008
adj. a word to describe an action or command from a higher authority that would seem ridiculous and often ludicrous, can be used to describe something a stereotypical African American would say, can describe a stupid or retarded statement.

n. can be used in almost any place a noun can go and offend almost anyone, malarky.
1. Officer this speeding ticket is a bunch of niggery.

2. (kids are running around a room)
steve-"Kids, i'm tired of this niggery, now SHUT THE FUCK UP and SIT DOWN!

3. (teacher is yelling at student)
teacher-"billy stop talking"
billy-"NIGGERY! thats a bunch of NIGGERY! (runs away)"
by sucka dicho January 16, 2007
Please ignore the douche who posted above.The word chappelle used is Niggerdom.
That frenchie that posted above must be involved in Niggerdom for being ignorant and not watchin/paying attention to the chappelle show before posting
by Tigi tigi tiger woods ya'll June 13, 2005
the bedroom where black people have sex and produce their black children. kind of like a bakery, where bread is made.
D'shawn: "Dammmn Daneshia where'd you go and make dat baby?!"
Daneshia: "IN THE NIGGERY!"
by Leondarafa November 10, 2007
1.Pertaining to or characteristic of a nigger.

2.Term to discribe something flashy in a gaudy way, as in loud and flashy clothing. an example would be lots of big gold chains around the neck or pink feathers in a green hat. the dress of black pimps.
That cadillac with the gold rims, neon lights and the raccoon tail on the antena looked niggery.
by lmocta January 08, 2011
the act of being a nigger
Those coons are dancing all niggery!
by sydneyMOTHAFUCKINchrist January 10, 2011
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