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A ho/prostitute/whore of any ethnicity that mainly picks up a man of African descent.
Guy 1: Man what a niggerwhore
Guy 2: Fuck i know man, i bet she likes them big and black, stupid niggerwhore.
by Brosephdoggg August 20, 2007
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Any girl of white or latino ethnicity whose placement and importance in the community is to provide niggers with money for drugs, rent, bills, food and also to let them rock their brand new whips that their daddies bought for them. These girls are around to supply money for niggers to pay for their "Main" bitch and also to be used for lude sexual acts such as fellatio but in most cases the nigger will not have sex with this "nigger-whore"
Whos car is that?
"Some bitch she my niggerwhore"

Whered you get money to throw on this blunt g?
"Some bitch i fucks with"
by David Lemon July 10, 2008

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