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Nig-grr-TIT'S! sound it out<<<

An insult used when a person is mad or surprised at with what another person has done.

May be used when playing video games to express how mad you are at another player

A word used to brake silence

Can be taken offensively to certin races
:Counter Strike:
I got him i got him
head shot
what the NiggerTits
by Joe Maddox August 10, 2008
22 34
the kind of breasts that are found, mainly on nigger females. they usually are humongous, and hang to the naval or lower.
aretha franklin sure has some huge nigger tits!
by nluvr August 26, 2007
529 166
"Nigger Tits" is an alternate curse word. It can be used as a variation of; shit, piss, damn it, fuck, or balls. Has nothing to do with a black person or her tits, however it isn't to be said around mixed company. It's usually said with an exclamatory inflection.
Person 1: Did you see that?!
Person 2: NIGGER TITS!!

Person 1: What's for Dinner?
Person 2: Liver...
Person 1: awww, NIGGER TITS!!

Person 1: Did you see the size of his chode?!
Person 2: Yeah, freakin NIGGER TITS!
by thtswhtshesai6d9 July 10, 2008
376 142
lol wut?
why is it that when i type in, it redirects me to 4chan? Is moot into that sort of thing?
by iliekmudkip July 25, 2008
117 29
1. A wordfilter rule that obfuscates the URL of a popular image-board website in the posts on a certain, less-popular image-board website.

2. The result of that wordfilter.
Anonymous#1: Hay gaiz I just got banned from NIGGERTITS for posting CP!

Anonymous#2: Haha cheese grater 0wned.
by Anonymess August 08, 2007
46 21
Noun: A long, damn near snake-like object which ranges from light brown to black with an overused nipple at the end. Commonly found spreading the HIV in National Geographic.
Noun: "Have you ever seen a girls boob?"
"I see them all the time on the Discovery Channel!"
"Dude, nigger tits don't count."
by Butt-nut December 26, 2006
77 57
A Nigger Tit is a term that can be used in many different ways all having different messages. The first way could be used a term of discouragement or frustration, mainly in anger. The 2nd way could be out of joy, being substituted for what ever you are joyful about. Or lastly you can use the term out of pure confusion not sure how you feel about anything just saying it for the hell of it, pointly because it is a quite strange and funny thing to say.
1. God Dammit! I cant believe my mom is grounding me! Fuckin Nigger Tits!
2. Dude, can you believe it! Nigger Tits Yes!
3. Billy- I'm so bored.
Chris-You wanna know something?
Billy- What?
Chris- Nigger Tits!
Billy- Yeah, I hear ya.
by Killa Milla3 April 14, 2009
73 66
to be awesome
"Did you see Iron Man?"
"Hell yeah, that shit is nigger tits!"
by JOSEPH ELTON February 16, 2010
66 62