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really bad pot is also niggerweed cause Blacks are known for having drit
niggaweed is what stupid white college kids by at washington square park
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
A more slang version of nigger weed, it describes the poor quality of the marijuana that is being used or inhaled, and can be used as an outburst of anger.
"What the hell this aint weed this is nigga weed!"

Man i wasted money of this nigga weed when i could have gotten real weed.
by Joe Blacks July 02, 2008
1.)Callin' out fo sum wun instead of sayin'"yo come here".
2.) Callin' sum wun fo attention.
1.) Yo wat up niggaweed?
2.) Or jus callin' sum wun "niggaweed".
by Jennifer a.k.a. Jeje January 18, 2005
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