Niger, yhu nastyy!!
#black #nigguh #purple #orange #yellow #and kkk
by t4yt4y15 May 10, 2010
Used to describe someone with Black hair, aka blackhead, in a derogatory way if said with a hard g to rhyme with digger, but can be endearing if said with a soft g as in nijer
Hey niger don't scare the cats and dogs when you go out!

Hey nijer how u doing me old mate?
#nigger #blackhead #blackie #black #nimbo
by Jason anderton March 09, 2008
it can mean two way different meanings depending on who uses the word.

When white people use it,it is a racist remark against African Americans.

When black people use the word,it is a way to greet each other.
White way:
not usually used but,
"what the fuck is that nigers problem!?"

Black way:
used a lot between black people
"what up nigga?"
#racist #black #white #insult #using
by kr3w8239 April 21, 2007
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