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A black robot commonly known to kill,beat,rape,steal and spontaneously begin freestylin' in the middle of the hood.
Hood rat: Damn look at that nigatron, he so fly...

Thug: Oh shit nigatron is here....let's break out

Helpless White Woman: ahhhhh...nigatron...pleaseee pleassee don't rape me

Old nigdestrian: Don't mean mug that nigatron...he'll run you over
by Thugz inc. April 24, 2005
73 16

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A combination of the word nigga and Transformers Megatron. This portrays the black male who appears real and genuine on the outside, but really, is a bastard who doesn't care for anyone else and is heartless and soulless, rather like a robot.
Girl: "Why's he being like this?! He's so mean, so cold to me, I don't get it"

Girls' friend: "Because he's punk arse bitch. Damn Nigatron"
by Gimme My Juice April 06, 2009
8 3