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Spelling of the term "Nigga" by people who can't spell most of the words in the English dictionary.
"Wats up, niga" said Max Chuvalas.
by NaloPots December 04, 2009
104 71
A variation of the spelling of nigga.
Guy #1: Sup my nigas? Where's Joe?
Guy #2: He's at Fat Charlie's.
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
88 73
An abbreviation for NOOB IN GAME REALITY. Which literally translates as a noob or newbie playing a video game. NOT to be taken as a racist comment or insult.
Man look at all these NIGAs.
I know, lets rape them all then teabag with semtex!
by Duccckjurnad December 13, 2010
27 62