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Being Nig nogged is the same as using such slang terms as fucked, dicked over, or shafted. The only difference is when you are getting nig nogged a black person tends to cause what ever fucked you over.
While i visiting a local niggerville i parked my car and went off in search of the niglets who stole my sons bike i returned to see that my car had been nig nogged and was sitting on blocks
by Admiral Nig Nog July 29, 2009
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To be nig nogged is to be extremely tired.
Yo man i don't think i can go out tonight im nig nogged.
by Oz Dogg May 23, 2008
when you act a fool you reap the outcome of being a nignog.
If u drive like a nignog u end up nignogg'ed
by Erwin_ March 20, 2006

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