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A shortened version of the word "Niggerfaggot"
omfg, you are such a niff

See also pineapple
by littlepancake April 24, 2010
To sniff and lick at the same time. usually done by a man to a womans vagina.
I want to niff your vagina
by dark lord poon January 04, 2009
A word to say when you don't know what else to say, especially when bored.
"your a niffpot"
by niffpot September 11, 2005
a great person hu is fun 2 b around n always cumz up wi random topics ov conversation. it is normally a blonde and short female hu is great 2 have around!
e.g. ow are ya niff
niff what r u doin??
by niffnat November 30, 2007
Jack-off into the hand of someone, and get it all nice and sticky. Tickle the person's face with a feather or such and see what they do...
to niff someone, to be niffed, or I am niffing.
by Rob February 18, 2004
someone who is a loner
eg. at my school when someone is by their self we call them a "niff" as they are alone
by sam November 24, 2003
in the state of being or appropriating a c**tsniff. A person of this quality.
Don't touch me, you niff.

Nev is a big fat niff.
by hkn pste December 10, 2003