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not nidhi...not idiots but nidiots! group consists of nidhi (of course) clara, abby, ali, margaret, and sum1 else, but cant remember. nidiots r awesome and only tru nidhis at heart can become them. (look up Nidhi)
idiots that start with N
cool chicks w/ a capital N!!
by ali October 22, 2004
A drunken mispronunciation of 'idiot' made by Finnish rockstar and leadsinger of the band HIM, Ville Valo, while arguing with skater and jackass star, Bam Margera.
Bam: Fucking douche
Ville: Fucking nidiot
by backpackk April 12, 2010
comeback when someone says you are an idiot
"you're an idiot" "whats a nidiot?"
by BARDO April 30, 2004
A fusion of "nerd" and "idiot" characters that exist within one person.
That nigga Jack is such a nidiot.
by ihatenidiots May 05, 2014
A "Nidiot" is someone who exibits all the traits of an idiot, but to a stronger degree. The "Nid" is typically drawn out.
Matt: I heard Billy got busted for selling dope.
John: What a niiiiiiidiot.
by Matty McTittwist November 05, 2009
A combination of both a nitwit and an idiot; someone who is extremely stupid, dumb, and or scatterbrained.
My sister is such a nidiot. She's kissed four different boys in the past month!
by Bad Little Guy August 04, 2009
(noun) not an idiot. typically spoken by an idiot. antonym of idiot.
Idiot: "You are a nidiot".
Nidiot: "Thank you".
by The Polar Bear October 11, 2007