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A drunken mispronunciation of 'idiot' made by Finnish rockstar and leadsinger of the band HIM, Ville Valo, while arguing with skater and jackass star, Bam Margera.
Bam: Fucking douche
Ville: Fucking nidiot
by backpackk April 12, 2010
comeback when someone says you are an idiot
"you're an idiot" "whats a nidiot?"
by BARDO April 30, 2004
A fusion of "nerd" and "idiot" characters that exist within one person.
That nigga Jack is such a nidiot.
by ihatenidiots May 05, 2014
A "Nidiot" is someone who exibits all the traits of an idiot, but to a stronger degree. The "Nid" is typically drawn out.
Matt: I heard Billy got busted for selling dope.
John: What a niiiiiiidiot.
by Matty McTittwist November 05, 2009
A combination of both a nitwit and an idiot; someone who is extremely stupid, dumb, and or scatterbrained.
My sister is such a nidiot. She's kissed four different boys in the past month!
by Bad Little Guy August 04, 2009
not nidhi...not idiots but nidiots! group consists of nidhi (of course) clara, abby, ali, margaret, and sum1 else, but cant remember. nidiots r awesome and only tru nidhis at heart can become them. (look up Nidhi)
idiots that start with N
cool chicks w/ a capital N!!
by ali October 22, 2004
(noun) not an idiot. typically spoken by an idiot. antonym of idiot.
Idiot: "You are a nidiot".
Nidiot: "Thank you".
by The Polar Bear October 11, 2007
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