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Neil Bryson
Nidge > better than you
by Neil Bryson December 07, 2003
to annoyingly poke , tickle or jab someone in irritating but friendly fashion.
'dad stop nidging me'
'ahh dont nidge me'
by nidger February 17, 2010
mispelling of nudge used to confuse people which has sexual connotations of weiner
man, jack has a huge nidge but callum doesn't have any.
by Kates and Jillz May 31, 2008
tobacco used in a joint
hook me up with some nidge, im rollin this joint right now
by Maryjaneee August 15, 2007
An alternate use of the word nigger.
Nidge you better recognize!
Drop it nidge befo I bust a cap in yo azz!
by Matthew da T3 July 18, 2006
The best. When people can't be bothered of thinking of a more creative nickname for Nigela. *go them*
"hey Nidge, you're the best!"
by Nidge November 25, 2004
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