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two of the most beautiful syllables ever placed together, often very funny and loves to give out hugs, cuddly, has a tendency to cause people to fall in love with her very easily, strong willed, awesome at everything she does, very protective of her friends, may have some demons in her mind, but don't we all. Basically the best person you'll ever meet.
Guy 1: Did you see Nicolle?
Guy 2: Yeah she's just so awesome.
by candyhearts July 22, 2009
\nee-kowl\ n. Extacy. The act of extreme happiness and/or pleasure, often when being aroused or seeing something incredibly exciting.
I just nicolle'd all over myself.
by Nikki Bee November 04, 2007
a pretty, nice, hot Spanish Girl
Nicolle is so pretty!
by Hanah66666666 March 19, 2010
A beautiful girl with a little croation in her, she's smart, pretty, funny and just in general AWSOME to hang out with, she's a great girlfriend, and did I already say HOT? Cause she is, she's a little competitive at times, but that's part of her charm, she loves the beach and researches people to have things in common with them, but it doesn't really bother you
WOW! I'm dating Nicolle, how lucky am I?!?!
by Franky42 March 28, 2015
A short Italian chick. Dyes her hair in as many colors possible.(even though she could just keep It one color) Great Artist. Likes Rock & Roll and doesn't listen to Rap unless asked to by an Elijah. She has a great/annoying laugh. She has a medium sized booty not to big not too small just right.
Have you seen Nicolle at that concert she can really move.
by TheMunce February 10, 2014
A VERRYY tall big bottyed girl, often is stupid and dosnt know what is happing. Black but is also columbian and can speak spainsh fluently :)
is currently learning japnesses and loves hello kitty and other things similair. She is quite smart but dosnt show it often.
Damn nicolle your dumb.
by kellyturtlesss May 14, 2012
is a hispanic slut who is permanently horny. she is skankalicious
hey jenna is a such a nicolle, she does it wit ever body especially that playa hata ian
by ponnanylova February 11, 2007

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