A male slut. He tries to show off his ass (amongst other things). Some think he is sexy but he spends most of his time jacking off alone in his room while watching intense porn. He is hated by most but others want to f*** him.
Girl 1: Damnnn he is so sexy...
Girl 2: Trust me don't go there, he is SUCH a Nicky.
Girl 3: I know right? I was gonna go home with him but I reaized he is SUCH a man slut...
by Gileslovesasterix June 21, 2016
A male who sits alone at home on his computer, vigorously masturbating at the thousands of Porn files on his computer. Suffers from PMO.
Friend: "Hey have you seen Jenson" Me: " No he hasn't been seen in weeks...." "I think he's a 'Nicky' now."
by P(Monk) April 02, 2015
Talks crap and then fronts like she likes you. Thinks she's hot shit when her personality ruins everything. Fake.
Nicky: Oh my gosh, I hate Becky.

*2 hours later*

Nicky: Oh my gosh Becky!! I haven't seen you in forever I've missed you girl how've you been?

Becky: ...
by chrisssssyf August 19, 2016
To be Nicky is to be selfless, sweet and caring. Honest, real and easy-going. Nicky's are very beautiful inside and out. Envied for their natural kindness and beauty, they love all and are loved by all.
"I met a girl today with a heart of Nicky."
by Rae Jae February 06, 2010
A person who has no idea of their drinking limitations and will often drink to extreme excess. These persons are guilty of becoming coma carpets and creating pavement pizzas. Often seen creating a scene on the dancefloor and falling down stairs or off kerbs.
See that bitch in the gutter, she has obviously done a Nicky.
by GAYCUNT October 28, 2010
Almost certainly a girl's name, in fact you'd be stupid to think it could ever be a boy's name!
A: Hey Nicky, how you doin?
B: It's actually Nick, im not a girl you tool!!!
A: Oh yeah how stupid of me
by WAYNEEEEEEEEE February 22, 2011
to pull a nicky means that one dances on the dance floor for a bit and then spontaneosuly jumping on the floor to perform an excellent wave
dude, that guy just pulled the most amazing nicky
by Nigellus October 30, 2007
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