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Almost certainly a girl's name, in fact you'd be stupid to think it could ever be a boy's name!
A: Hey Nicky, how you doin?
B: It's actually Nick, im not a girl you tool!!!
A: Oh yeah how stupid of me
by WAYNEEEEEEEEE February 22, 2011
to pull a nicky means that one dances on the dance floor for a bit and then spontaneosuly jumping on the floor to perform an excellent wave
dude, that guy just pulled the most amazing nicky
by Nigellus October 30, 2007
1. Term of affection. Derived from the name Nick or Nicholas.

2. A small sprite, which disguises itself as a garden gnome. They are always getting into all sorts of tomfoolery. Use mysterious powers to aid them in their mischief.
1. Oh Nicky, I can't wait for our date Saturday!

2. Damnit, that Nicky just magicked a baseball through our window.
by Jordanne Backhand May 27, 2009
To guide or force a females head towards a males crotch area in anticipation of fallatio as portraid in the movie "casino" by the character Nicky.
I tried to pull a Nicky with my girlfriend last night.
by Hmandair October 31, 2013
a model, nuff' said.
yeah bet her names nicky"
by wherethewhitewomen@? June 29, 2011
A sweet girl, who's very intelligent. But don't get on her bad side cause she'll fuck you up.
1. Nicky helped me with my homework! She's great!

2. Shit man, I shouldn't have messed with Nicky!
by fucktard111 August 15, 2013
Usually someone that is a great girl with a great personality , but casually obsessed with teen-pop stars
oh wow, she is such a Nicky.
by lucygay September 22, 2011