Almost certainly a girl's name, in fact you'd be stupid to think it could ever be a boy's name!
A: Hey Nicky, how you doin?
B: It's actually Nick, im not a girl you tool!!!
A: Oh yeah how stupid of me
#nikki #nick #nicola #nikky #nikkay
by WAYNEEEEEEEEE February 22, 2011
Top Definition
Short for Nicholas is typically called nicky for recognition because he is a sexy genius that every one loves and is only not known by people who arent important enough.
Nickyis just amazing he is the sexiest smartest guy i have EVER met.
#genius #tennis player #sexy #honest #nikki
by you know who wrote this May 29, 2012
Usually a girl who is very selfish and self-centered. She cares about no one but herself. She seldom cries because she's a cold-hearted bitch. You might think she's a good friend but she will turn around and stab you in the back quick. Never trust a Nicky. Also, she is very ugly but tries to flaunt herself, but she really just comes off as a slut.. which she is.
"Oh my gosh. That girl acts like such a Nicky."
#nicky #slut #ugly #nickie #stupid
by BahBahBlackSheep August 30, 2012
Little no-mark backstreet Manchester sandwich emporium where out-of-work wannabe models make up BLT's for £3.60 per annum. Second only in crap-jobs to McDonalds
Look at pram-face, I bet she works at Nicky's
by Elle July 22, 2003
The sexiest hottest piece of wonder-bread in the room. A sex-kitten

sexyhotwonderfulfucking sexysex-kitten
Wow. Check out that Nicky... *bits lip seductively*
#nikki #nicki #nicky #nickie #nikky #nick #sex-kitten
by *sticks tounge out* January 05, 2009
Short form for nicholas.

Another variant of nigga.
"Nicky please!"

"Tell that Lil' Nicky to get up off that sherm."
#nigga #negro #nephew #nicholas #nigger
by Skateboard P May 08, 2006
A beautiful girl, inside and out. Always very caring and she gets what she wants! She is funny, smart and always sees the best in people. (She has a tall brunette BFF ) Ilysm Nicky!!
Girl: whats your best friends name?
Me: Nicky, duh they are the nicest sweetest girls around. i wouldn't want anyone else.
#nicole #nikki #smart #pretty #bff
by t11ggy January 27, 2015
Nicky is the most honest and sexiest guy you have ever met and trusted, he would always cheer you up when your down ^-^
Hes sweet and cute and adorable, even when hes being shy.
He's hella weird and yet still loveable😍
He would always put a smile on your face and somtimes he can be mean but you cant stay mad at his pretty face, also can be turned on when you tease him 😏
Te amo muchho nicky!!❤
#bubby #nick #mijany #fea #truelove xd
by Buttercup😘 March 16, 2015
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