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Someone is is outgoing, funny has a good sense of humour. Usual comes from a non american back-round. Extremley good looking, settle waiting for people to notice.
Hey i met this guys name Nickolas the other day!
He is sexy!
by heyyy yooo guy. June 24, 2009
A hot guy that will will always care for you if you respect him and trust him. Has had a troubled,painful childhood and a real tough guy that you do not want to mess with. A guy you want as your best friend beacuse he will always be there for you when you need him. Hes loyal, trustworthy, intelligent and very sexy. As long as you befriend him, he will never hurt you or let you down. When you hear the name Nickola, you know for a fact he is a soccer player and a dam good one. he is a smooth-talking, charming young man. When you’re with him, he makes you feel like a princess. He knows much about life beacuse of his troubles in his past.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a Nickola
Girl 2: Oh you poor thing

Girl 1: why can't all guys be like a Nickola
Girl 2: yeah, i know right
by moliuex March 19, 2010
Nickolas is a fatass kid who licks his moms pussyhair and shaves his pubs and eats them and when he shits georges mouth is always open and when he sits down his fatass causes an earthquake
Nickolas is retarted and a fatass
by KingTUTs July 03, 2016
the biggest thundercunt you weil ever meet. he likes video games and smoking . and fucking girls off craigslist .......has the herps
leila: i f'ed nickolas
Aubrey : me too he gave me the herps
leila: well thats unfortunate i might have it too then
by swervetothemax May 14, 2015
To have a hairy chest, always needs a girlfriend, spends most of his money on gas, most people make fun of him for stupid stuff, bad at school
You are suck a Nickolas
by marryme March 25, 2009
The retarded way to spell 'Nicholas'.
"How do you spell your name? N-I-C-H-O-L-A-S?"

"No, N-I-C-K-O-L-A-S."

"Nickolas? That's retarded."
by Distal March 22, 2009
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