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(v): The act of changing a friend's status on facebook (while they are not paying attention) to something that infers that they enjoy the music of Nickelback and thus, are a homosexual

(n): A specific occurrence of one of these breaches of trust
Roommate 1: I'm gonna go grab some drank outta the fridge
Roommate 2 (aside): Time to nickelhack!
Status: "Downloading the Nickelback discography! Can't wait to sing Photograph at the top of my lungs!"
by Tomchickery November 20, 2009
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Any one of the many bands that have copied/ripped off/jumped on the bandwagon of the popular sound of Nickelback.
Nickelhack, Seether, Theory of a Dead Man
by raz13 January 14, 2010

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