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(v): The act of changing a friend's status on facebook (while they are not paying attention) to something that infers that they enjoy the music of Nickelback and thus, are a homosexual

(n): A specific occurrence of one of these breaches of trust
Roommate 1: I'm gonna go grab some drank outta the fridge
Roommate 2 (aside): Time to nickelhack!
Status: "Downloading the Nickelback discography! Can't wait to sing Photograph at the top of my lungs!"
by Tomchickery November 20, 2009
1. Apologizing for something while you are drunk
2. Apologizing for something you did while you were drunk
1. "Dude, I love you man. We should leave everything in the past and be best friends now. I'm sorry for all that shit!"
"No need to alcohologize to me, man!"

2. "Then he alcohologized for puking on my couch last weekend!"
"That was considerate of him"
by Tomchickery October 28, 2009

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