Sexy curly haired singer with big muscles. Has the sexiest voice in the entire world and will one day marry a girl whos enitials are r d. yeeeaah ..
nick jonas: *every girls faints when he starts singing coz his voice is so sexy*
by i do pooo April 13, 2009
Has been successful in the Jonas Brothers band and Nick Jonas and the Administartions. Jealou, his single, became number one in the charts. He's sweet, caring, honest, has a bad boy image but really is a good boy. Dated Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus as a teen. Way much better than Beiber. Has a talent: appeared in Broadway shows, dances, sings, act, play many instruments, and does flips and tricks.
That guy is so awesome, he's a Nick Jonas!
by Chikenbutt24 May 03, 2015

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