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Generally a big douche bag, asshole mangina! likes to knock girls up! as in generally girls named Ashley.... ;P yes, he's a bitch and he's very bipolar. likes to smoke weed, steal money, steal ciggs, very bipolor-ish. but mostly an asshole mangina.
Nick Poindexter: ahhhhh.... shit i did it again.
Ashley: WHHATTTT????
Nick Poindexter: i just CAME IN YOU BITCH, now shut the fuck up and let's do it again.
Ashley: OKAY :))))))))))))))))00
((((amonth later))))))
Ashley: Nick Poindexter, i'm pregnant!
Nick Poindexter: ah shit, better not hit me with child support.
((shot with child support))
Nick Poindexter: *BANG* he's dead.
by Nick Poindexter November 19, 2010
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