A teenage boy who look likes to pretend he's the next Mick Jagger. Wears a purity ring to omit a sense of righteousness among the hordes of pre-teen band worshipers who don't know any better. His vocals are more nasal, monotone and screechy than Miley Cyrus (neither which can carry a damn vibrato!). His guitar puts the modern music industry to shame (Keith Richards can kick his ass ANYDAY). Tweenies enjoy drolling over him, despite the fact that he looks like my grandfather's left nut.
Nick Jonas is a cocky, talentless, wanna-be singer/guitarist (note I didn't say lyricist. They do not write their own songs!) who hopefully will land in rehab somewhere
by Weezernatorr August 01, 2008
the diabetic monchichi of the band the jonas brothers. he is owned by disney and therefore forbiden of sex until marriage.
my favorite is nick jonas!

ew why?
by athanfromasia August 07, 2009
Youngest band member of the Jonas Brothers.
16 years old, extremely talented as he can play guitar, drums, piano, AND sing.
Is the concrete form of LOVE. <3
Known for his beautiful curls,
he is amazingly beautiful and loveable.
Though can be quiet/shy.
Has Diabetes Type 1.
Wrote 'Can't Have You' about Pancakes.
Nick Jonas, are YOU creepin'? ;]
by LoBar October 28, 2008
a sexy BEAST ahaha! with an amazing voice. he writes alot of songs for the group(jonas brothers) he formed with his two older brothers-joe jonas and kevin jonas. he has type 1 diabetes. he has dated miley cyrus and has now been rumoured to be dating selena gomez.
girl #1:who's that sexy beast with the curly hair singing and playing the guitar?

girl #2: how could you not know him...that's nick jonas and oh yeah he is a definite sexy beast
by bom-bom-bee-dum September 06, 2008
A complete fucking asshole who seems nice by donating money to diabetes but hes actually a selfish prick trying to get pussy out of it (thats you fucking Miley Cyrus)while covering up the fact that he fucks his brothers and other guys during his free time. truth be told he doesnt deserve to live and i want to crack his dome in half.
Nick Jonas loves to stare at twinks all day.

Diabetes is a terrible disease and i feel sorry for everyone who has it, except Nick Jonas.


I want to go fetus whip nick jonas with miley cyrus' first kid that she had at age 9.
by jesusplayswaterpoloallday November 30, 2008
The hottest Jonas Brother. He writes most of their music, and is the lead vocalist. He also plays the piano and guitar and drums. He is known for his super curly hair and adorable smile. Many people hate him, but they're really just jealous. He has diabetes and does all sorts of charity work to raise awareness for it. He is really serious, and has been linked romantically to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.
Hannah: I think I'm going to marry Nick Jonas.

Courtney: Dream on. He's way out of your league.
by Zhiana Elle August 24, 2009
Amazing. What else is there to say??????
"I never, trust a dog to watch my food, and I like to use the word Dude! as a noun or an adverb or an adjective..." OMG I'm totally falling in love with Nick Jonas right there!
by askjdawkojf April 07, 2011

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