Top Definition
Hott guy and the lead singer of the world's best band; 311.
Nick Hexum's lookin hella good on that stage right now!
by lil miss lyss January 14, 2005
The REALLY hott lead singer of the kickass band 311.
Nick Hexum....damn i wanna sex him up...
by Nick Lover October 07, 2003
Lead singer of 311.....
Nick Hexum is really fucking hot and is in the most badass band on the planet.
by Lindsay November 02, 2003
HOTTT throat player from the best band in the galaxy, 311. A musical god.
"Were laying back on it just like good sex,
Smooth yet physcodelic its called the nix hex"...yum nick hexum yum...
by che<311 August 05, 2009
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