Lead singer of 311.....
Nick Hexum is really fucking hot and is in the most badass band on the planet.
by Lindsay November 02, 2003
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Hott guy and the lead singer of the world's best band; 311.
Nick Hexum's lookin hella good on that stage right now!
by lil miss lyss January 14, 2005
The REALLY hott lead singer of the kickass band 311.
Nick Hexum....damn i wanna sex him up...
by Nick Lover October 07, 2003
HOTTT throat player from the best band in the galaxy, 311. A musical god.
"Were laying back on it just like good sex,
Smooth yet physcodelic its called the nix hex"...yum nick hexum yum...
by che<311 August 05, 2009

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