When two sexual partners kneel ass to ass and simotaneously defecate in an attempt to insert eachother's feces into their own ass.
They were making love passionately when Jim suggested to Dan that they do the nicholas cage.
by Choniqua October 16, 2007
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A very bad piece of acting

"aww dude that actor just did a Nicholas Cage"
by Sir Laminator September 12, 2008
A slang for marijuana used so as not to draw police attention.
"Yo mang where did you leave Nick Cage?"

"Hey Mendon we're all partying, come by with Nicholas Cage"

"Nick Cage is a great man"
by Michael Scott October 25, 2005
a immortal who is also an actor. nicholas cage will walk the earth for years to come. if you look up nicholas cage being an immortal you will see a picture of him from the civil war.
nicholas cage has lived for centuries.
by Hawn Gnarley July 21, 2014
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