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To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrassing someone: Being embarrassed. Related to 'Owned', 'Pwned', '0wned', '0w3nd'.
"Dude Brah, I just totally Niced you with that sniper, How does it feel to suck?!"

"Dang I was out too late last night, and when I got home my mom Niced me"

"Yo Ademo, Wanna go grab a bucket and then maybe I'll nice you in some Halo?"
by TizzMizzle March 09, 2005
9 6
OFTEN USED AS: Nice'd up
the up is key in the sentance

the act of getting dressed up.. or getting fancy.. showering up and getting ready for a date.
girl: "hey, you wanna come over around 7 tonight??"
me: "yea, ill hope in the shower and get myself all nice'd up in no time!"
girl: "okies! <3 you!!"
by marky-k May 01, 2005
5 5
A term used to describe something that is a cross between being nice and cool.
Sam says:
"I just found 50 cents!"
John says:
by souper July 30, 2006
4 5
1. adj. Looking very bling bling or "gangsta".
2. adj. Something only in the process of when it is happening, that is very pleasureful or appealing. This may only be said by a 3rd or viewing party.
1. Steve looked niced as he strolled down the lane.
2. (Looking at Amanda and Tiffiny make out) Joey says,"niced"
by Logan Smith February 02, 2004
4 7