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An Extreamly sexy women who if you meet you should be grateful and proud but don't take anything she says seriously and be warned there smart!
dude i just met a ngoc!
by ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 24, 2009
An extremely intelligent, classy, perceptive, & one of a kind woman. You will never find another individual as amazing as her. Although often guarded & cynical, once her love, loyalty, & grace are fully given, you will continuously be astonished & thankful at how lucky you are to be with her. She makes all your ex girlfriends look bad because she is just that amazing.
So what's she like? Is she wife-material or just a hook-up?
Wife-material. She's definitely a Ngoc.
by sunshine4949 June 30, 2010
A girl who is worse than a bitch and whore. She has absolutely no dignity and smells like rotten egg. She has no real friend and is despised by everyone who knows her. Despite being so fat and ugly both inside and outside, she has delusions that she is attractive and extraordinary..
P1: She is just terribly disgusting
P2: Is that so?
P3: Yeah, she is definitely a ngoc
by abcanonymous1234 February 17, 2010
An obscenely overweight, loud, and annoying girl. Frequent sightings in the san diego region. Spells like dog doo doo and sounds like nails on a chalk board.

If you come across one, keep your distance and pelt it with rocks. If she comes close, throw donuts to distract and call authorities immediately.
Person 1: Damn that bitch is annoying as hell
Person 2: How annoying?
Person 1: Shes like ngoc
Person 2: DAMN
by Jesus (Hay zoos) January 12, 2009
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