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Nexy is a word to describe ones appearance. This word isn't to be thrown around. It is only used to describe someone who has "never been sexier" or "Nexy". Also sometimes written "Nexiii".
Yeah, all the guys were checking you out!
I guess I must have looked pretty nexy!
by pigsaregreat January 18, 2011
Or nerdishly-sexy.

1. Verb; An expression of an asexual, scientific, technical or scholarly thought, that is brilliant, and well delivered, which has the unintended effect of inducing an almost embarrassing admiration and arousal, within the observer.

2. Noun; A person who's consistent eloquence, when expressing their more intellectual thoughts, frequently and unintentionally, excites listeners, or readers, into a nearly subconscious, subtle eroticism.

3. An unanticipated sexual arousal, induced by a scholarly epiphany.
You're compelled to listen to her, because she has got to be one of the nexiest physisist, on the planet.

But I didn't see his avarage face, when he talked about nanotechnology, because I felt his nexy thoughts flowing through me, during his lecture.

From looking at her, who would know, that she could be a nexy?

I had no clue before now, that ancient Roman history was so...nexy!
by Don Quixote de Kaw November 12, 2011
1. (Literal meaning) Next to Sexy.
2. Next to someone sexier than you.
3. One who is not quite to the sexy point.
You are SOOO nexy.
Awww, don't be mean!!!
by HookaShamooba August 17, 2011
Used to describe a person who (the speaker) deems to have sexy quirks. People who's quirks are normal seens as werid or lame by a majority of people but, for whatever reason, are viewed as sexy buy a few people.
"OMG he's so NEXY!"
"His cocaine addiction is such a nexy quality"

by MarleeDanger March 16, 2007
Someone or something that is nerdy yet sexy.
Stuart's new black frame glasses are nexy.

Gretchen looks kinda nexy in her gaming t-shirt.
by thewhitecheetah September 04, 2013
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