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1. (Literal meaning) Next to Sexy.
2. Next to someone sexier than you.
3. One who is not quite to the sexy point.
You are SOOO nexy.
Awww, don't be mean!!!
by HookaShamooba August 17, 2011
A FRIKIN AWESOME MAFIA MIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her mother was dissected in her science classroom. We all love her when she stands on chairs and punches our boyfriends! All Devanies are not allowed to be over 4' 11 3/4" and must drive giant Ford pickup trucks with sticks in the back. Devanies are all obsessed with the color red, the number thirteen, and Italians.
Devanie: What are you gonna do in Spanish class?
Random Catholic: I don't know, be like "HEY what's up?"
Devanie: No, you'd be like "HOLA que pasa?"

Devanie: What are they dissecting in there?"
Random Catholic: YOUR MOM!!!

Devanie: I'm gonna stand on a chair and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!
by HookaShamooba August 17, 2011
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