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The act of text messaging someone even though they are standing right next to you or near you, so that no one else knows what they are thinking or saying.
I wanted to tell her how badly I want in her pants during our meeting with the chairman of the board, but I couldn't, so I just nexted her...
by booperguy July 09, 2010
2 4
Usually on Chatroulette, a new random stranger chat site, when someone clicks the "next" button almost instantly after seeing your face or webcam. The most common nexted individuals are males.
So this guy was whackin' it on Chatroulette, so I nexted him real fast. What a douchebag.
by anonymous90x February 25, 2010
68 6
1. To get rid of your current date, and move on to the next date. Created from the MTV show "NEXT"
Wow, he got nexted in under a minute
by Dagnast April 29, 2005
35 10
ex girl to the next girl... she wasnt good enough
yeah zoe got nexted
by `hook October 12, 2003
15 9
1. the act of being removed from a video chat with a random stranger on chat roulette. 2. the act of selecting next while on chat roulette
Oh man, no way! She just nexted you dude! What a jerk.
by chatrouletteuser March 05, 2010
7 2
When someone decides to click the next button on you without warning in Chatroulette dot com or omegle.
Man, this guy told me he was gonna get a spitfire tattoo on his cock so I nexted his ass.

I asked some girl to show me her boobs for world hunger so she nexted me.
by btardmg January 02, 2010
10 5
What one is, when one is a scary, icky person on Chatroulette.
Oh crap, there's yet another penis...He's Nexted.
by inyourbasement June 07, 2010
1 0
verb: a word used on ChatRoulette when someone is rejected judged by their look, if they are naked or not, or more commonly not a girl.
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Matt: AHHH! this guy is old and is jacking off his little penis! NEXT HIM NEXT HIM!
Josh: Nexted!
by nes'd alpine April 01, 2010
2 1