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The act of being unintetionally creative. The step forward that perpetually propels us into our impending destiny...
by cbcjordan May 18, 2011
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Used when talking about video game systems that are coming out or have just came out. Currenlty, this gen systems are the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and GameCube. The next gen will be the PS3, N5 and Xbox 2.
Why buy next gen when you can always get a SNES?
by UserNames_Suck March 11, 2004
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Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also known as ST:TNG or TNG.
Next Gen is on the Sci-Fi channel.
by mr_bastard March 23, 2005
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"Next generation" A term that grew popular shortly after year 2000. With new technology being adopted and developed in the gaming/3d graphics industry (high poly to low poly baking / normal maps, parallax and general shading technology).

With the sudden leap in technology being pushed further, previous and older methods still being in use were gradually referred to as 'last gen' while everyone strived to make 'next gen-' into 'current gen-' technology.

Once things subsided, the term next gen eventually stuck to this recently developed technology, even though it was now the norm. The meaning has since become a bit unclear, and is used very liberally, even as a marketing term.

In the general publics eye, it is also often used as meaning 'better looking graphics', regardless of what technology is being employed, failing to realize the large quantity of aspects being involved, just as with the making of a movie.

Source: worked as an environment game-artist
A Triple A title game utilizing next gen technology to run on our upcoming next gen consoles.
by L.Gray October 05, 2016
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When something is super dope it is the best thing going
Dude she is next gen
by Vandooocooked February 24, 2017
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