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(N.) A horrible, horrible Documentary Reality Show starring Bubble Blonde Jessica Simpson and Singing Country Hick, Nick Lachey. Don't watch this show though, as it's horrifically bad.

"Last Time on 'Newlyweds,' Nick fought a bunch of Bumblebees and then took a nap, while Jessica discovered she had a Belly Button and then lost her train of thought and started drooling like a vegetable for ten minutes. So don't miss the next episode of 'Newlyweds,' right here only on MTV. Where Intelligence has no place and Music Stars are greater than GOD!"
Infamous Jessica-syncrosies.
Chicken of the Sea. Tuna or Chicken?
Rigor Mortis. What's dat?
Buffalo Wings. Yuuech! I don't wanna eat the wings of a Buffalo!
Tomorrow, I'll be 24. That's almost 25, which is almost mid-twenties.
by G-Union January 21, 2004
1. A couple who has not been married long.
2. A show on MTV featuring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
1. "The newlyweds were married a month ago!"
2. "Honey, Newlyweds is on!"
by Kellie November 30, 2003
a terribly inaccurate representation of the first years of marriage through the frivolous life of prissy popstars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
what i'm eating... is this chicken or fish?
by taylor August 17, 2004
A starting hand in Texas Hold em' of King Queen
My hand rocks, I got the Newlyweds
by stangg May 18, 2005
Dumb-asses, no other words needed.
"Hey, our buddy just got married to Sarah."

"What a dumb-ass!"
by Michael Rodriguez June 22, 2005
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