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A girl/woman/female who loses her temper and/or gets enraged at her partner for no apparent reason. She will often, out of nowhere, get incredibly angry at her partner for reasons that defy all forms of human logic and understanding.
"You see that girl. She's a proper Newlands. I saw her the other day explode at her boyfriend and all he did was buy her flowers."

"Sorry man, I can't come out to night. the GF is being a real Newlands"
by C2Theris October 14, 2008
To describe a girl, whom is either crazy or seems to get enraged at here partner for no reason.
last night the wife was being so newlands
by Steveyg September 25, 2008
When a chick takes a drink out of your glass right after giving some douchebag a blow job and leaving a cum ring around the lip of it.
Dude, that skank just newland my beer.
by richardhead13 April 22, 2010
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