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Shortened Slang for Newcastle, NSW. Sometimes used to describe the inner town of Newcastle, as opposed to the area of Newcastle.
Used by locals (Novacastrians), people from adjacent regions as close as Maitland, or as far as the Central Coast, and ex-patriots now living in Sydney.

Also spelt as 'newy'
"Lets go clubbing in newie tonight"
"I'm going up to newie for a few days to visit friends"
by BloodMagus October 19, 2004
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To act completely different from your normal self depending on the situation and the people that are around you.
Jason stevens acts hella newie when ever there are girls around
by keepitlitbayarea March 15, 2014
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something, e.g. a song, a film, etc., that is new.
Today's teenagers prefer newies to oldies.
by uttam maharjan May 31, 2011
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