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This comes from a non geordie or Mackem point of view:

A city in north east England that, no matter how hard they try to deny it, are exactly the same as Sunderland.

The geordies call Sunderland 'scum' but to be fair they arn't any better. Sunderland having a not unclean, but not clean either city center but the suberbs are much better.

Where as newcastle have a not unclean but not clean city center and the futher away you travel, the more of a shit hole it is.

Newcastle; famous for a cocky as fuck football team nobody outside of Newcastle can stand, Good shops, The great north run and a multi million pound bridge thats supposed to look like an eye.
Sunderland; famous for a somewhat shitty, yet improving, football team, beautiful beaches, fantastic annual airshow attended by 1.2 million and the biggest empire Theatre between leeds and Glasgow.

Night life is equal for both cities, Sunderland having The Point, Newcastle having The Gate; equally as immence.

Universities, both good unless you what a job in medicine; then sunderland.

The only thing that puts Newcastle on the map is The Newcastle international Airport, otherwise they are both equaly fantastic cities and Sunderland dosn't get nearly enough credit that it deserves.
Person A; Where shall we go at the weekend, Sunderland or Newcastle.

Person B; Either, as long as its not down south. Posh twats.
by Greenwool18 July 15, 2010
41 97
City of art, culture and....ah sod it. It's a damned city like most others,but it does have great pubs, as long as you stay clear of the charver/charva bars.
beware the Bigg Market
by hatman February 08, 2004
350 137
The better city in the North East where Geordies originate from, surpasses the lesser neighbouring city Sunderland outright.
"Hey I fancy visiting the North East"
"Hmmm, how about Sunderland?"
"No way, that place is a shithole. I would much rather visit the better city of Newcastle."
"Right o"
by mceggy January 07, 2006
339 186
New Castle is a city in Western Pennsylvania, 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. It is refered to as "The Castle" in a derogatory way. It's population of 35,000 people is made up mostly of Oxy Contin addicts and crackheads, with a fair amount of heroin addicts thrown in for good measure. Most of the girls are total sluts, and street gangs rule the neighborhoods. NC has been called "The world's shittiest town" and "The asshole of Pennsylvania". Avoid New Castle at all cost.
"Where can I go for a cheap whore and some smack".
"Dude, New Castle is right down the road".

"It would be a quicker trip if we detoured through The Castle".
"Fuck that shit man, I'll drive the extra hour".
by EZ23 September 28, 2006
277 129
In Addition to drugs, New Castle Pa. also has Fireworks and Hot Dogs
New Castle a place where ppl take the drugs, eat the dogs, and watch the fireworks.
by CSmallZ April 17, 2007
165 49
The only decent people in England, if you ever have a party and want it to be bitching then you'll need to invite at least 2 scottish people, 2 newcastle people and 2 irish people and be sure to stock a lot of drink and a few towels to mop up the sick/blood out back
Last time I went out with my newcastle, scottish and irish frinds one of them fell asleep in a cupboard, I squared up to some dick who was giving me shit and we all got pished and were sick

Good times
by Kieren and Grae July 04, 2006
237 128
Suprisingly diverse and cosmopolitan city in the far north of England, also home of Viz comic which reflects the rich slang and drunkenness this city has bestowed.

A suprising amount of Urban Dictionary, mine too, are influenced by Viz.
Newcastle Brown ale was specially imported by Clint Eastwood due to the fact it's so awesome. And if it's good enough for cowboys, it's good enough for you.
by dj_monged August 08, 2004
272 168
a tiny place north of pittsburgh where everyone seems to be related because everyone has the same baby daddy. often a place where murderers come to hide from the po po because nc police suck ass!
murderer: Oh man what am i gonna do? I just shot 10 people!?

accomplice: OH shit, no prob, just go to new castle!
by bd3 July 10, 2008
63 45