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When a newb does some thing so spectaculary newbish its beyond newbish, thus its newbtacular. Newbtacular events are always in best of intentions but back fire on the newb and/or team. Used primaraly for online games, expecially when teams are involved, because telling the newb he/shes newbtacular is pointless as they probaly dont know what a newb is. Yea its that bad.
Its a first person shooter 4 (Team A) to 1 (team B), newb is on team A. And the game is at hand.
Team A: we got him cornered in the donut room, lets all rush at the same time.
Team A rushes but newb stays behind
Newb: Ill throw a grenade to help you guys out.
Team A: noooooo dont d...
Team A dies in grenade blast
Newb: Crap sorry guys (not realizing that his teammates cant here him cuz their dead)
Newb:Ill throw my last grenade to the right wall and rush to the left
Newb throws grenade to right making it bounce of to the left and runs at the grenade, thus accidently killing himself.
Team A: Newbtacular, vote him
Team B: That was Neeeeewb-TAC-U-LaR ^_^
by Pyros June 16, 2006
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