A baseball team that is greatly over rated and always has the highest payroll each year. The Yankees also have the worst fans because they are all fags from New York, who have the worst accents of all the Places in the United States
"If I were liked the New York Yankees I would kill myself"
by LordofWar April 18, 2008
a team that i will admit is always good..except 06-07 so far lol. but hey, they have the absoloute shittiest fanbase EVER! they have like 70 million "fans" that probably cant name 5 players on the yankees roster and probably think a-rod was drafted by the team. The Yankees are very succesful but the only way you can be a true yankees fan is if u r rich, and that is becuase they are almost always sold out..

im not a yankees fan or a red sox fan, i like the cincinnati reds... 5 world series title, ken griffey jr, adam dunn, ryan freel, bronson arroyo, aaron harang, etc are some of the current impacts players of the reds, and dont get me started on the lists that include johny bench and pete rose..but whatever this isnt about the reds lol. im just saying, if the yankees ever become the tampa bay devil rays, lets see how many "fans" they will have.
guy: hey dad i love the new york yankees! can we go watch one of their games!

dad: no it costs 600$ for bleacher seats, but hey how about we go watch a reds game, they are currently last in their division and 5 bucks for some good seats donw in cincy.

guy: no im gonna go watch a red sox game, they are my new favorite team
by Boaz Shachaf May 19, 2007
A baseball team with fans (99% of them bandwagon) that doesn't shut up about their 26 world titles, and uses their incredibly high paycheck to hire new players who either used to be good in the past. They are the second most annoying team in baseball. (The most annoying being the Red Sox.)
The New York Yankees are doshops;khjos;hjm
by Roki April 05, 2008
the fucking gayest most faggotist fucking AHHHH franchise in all of sports
The new york yankees can kiss my minnesotan ass!
by hickerdicker April 03, 2005
The team that everyone hates because their team SUCKS. If you say the Yankees Suck, then take a look and see how many world series' your team has one. Oh, well guess what, the Yankees have 26! The Yankees are so damn good u hatas are jelous and u say u hate them! Sure they have alot of money, but they are like any other baseball team. In the past they have been great, but currently (2006-07), their pitching sucks and their hitting rocks.
Bob: I hate the new york yankees. They SUCK!
Jim: I guess that would explain why they have won 26 world championships and have finished in first place in front of the red sox 10 years straight.
by yankees26championships,redsox6 April 03, 2006
The key beneficiary of the dismantling of the dominant Red Sox teams beginning in 1918 and ending in 1923, which has sadly beaten the Red Sox in many close playoff races, and more recently in a heartbraking 2003 ALCS, and for those reasons have earned the ire of red sox fans. Their overspending ways, constant dominance of baseball, turning the A's and Red Sox at various points in history into virtual farm teams, and despicable owner have earned them the ire of much of the rest of the baseball world.
Go to fenway at a Sox-Yankees game, and you are sure to hear "Yankees Suck!" being chanted.(Go Red Sox)
by birdboy2000 February 10, 2004
a team made up of homosexual members. each has his own vital role. a-rod is there so jeter has an a-rod to suck, while bernie williams plays his trumpet in a homo band and bangs torre who is steinbrenner's bitch. this team has almost completely ruined baseball until they lost to the red sox in 2004 after being up 3-0. they are a disgrace to everything that is good in baseball.
Bernie: Hey Jeter, do you wanna come finish off torre for me, i gotta gig to play.

Jeter: No problem, id be glad to give him a hand.
by P.I.M.P March 10, 2005

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