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2 definitions by Janick

definition to the most band wagon fans in the history of all sports...fan's who whine when they don't get the next 50+ million dollar contract player (even though they have about 9 of them already)...fan's who think there team is the shit even though they are the only 'dynasty' to blow a 3 game lead in ANY playoff series known...not to mention it was the ALCS where they are suppose to OWN everybody with there un-godly amount of payroll...the only line a bandwagon yankee fan has is..."26 world titles man"...it's like the saying goes...everytime a bell rings, a converted devil ray/royal/padre fan turns into a yankee fan...
"Hey we have 26 world titles!"..."yea i don't know shit about baseball, and i've never watched a yankee game, but i can buy there fitted hats, wear them backwards, and walk around saying that we've won 26 world titles"...(that is what a new york yankees fan basically does)
by Janick April 27, 2006
time it takes for derek jeter to suck off joe torree while A-Rod jack's off in the corner
steinbrunner..."Hey bernie they done down there?"...
steinbrunner..."Damn...that wat i call a new york minute"
by Janick April 27, 2006