The best state in the best country in the world. The best part of NY is NYC (New York City) which is made up of 5 boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan (NY), Queens, and Staten Island
I <3 New York
by MissDresden June 30, 2009
The guy I was "meant to be with." He has the greatest blue eyes in the world. His hair's the color of mine and he makes me crack up. He's really nice and so sweet. He has the Empire State Building, one of the tallest towers in the world. And he has hot spicy pizza. He's just amazing. He also has the Twin Towers. He's cool. He's really funny and crazy, but really sweet and nice. New York is the best state ever. <3
"Overall I just love New York... I love New York... I love it... With my whole heart... You know... I heart New York... 'N.Y.'... I heart N.Y.... so much..."
by .F. April 04, 2013
Generally where a lot of people don't get along and the same races of people populate similar area's, though this is in part due to economics and the fleeing white demographic. Once you get out into the cities, you will be harrassed for taking part in a order that isn't native to the 'worldy' area and this will lead too a mass frenzy of followers and snobs, only to be broken up by random moments of stupidity to gain social status and acceptance. Although the older slaves are pretty friendly.
In New York the people like to give you hints you're getting a clue.
by razzamatazibizzle August 01, 2011
Fuck New York. That ratass piece of shit overrated city sucks nuts, which is why all new yorkers go to miami. If new york is so great, how come half of that fucked up city lives in miami or la, etc. Because NY sucks DICK. If you don't want to shop, there is jackshit to do there. Also new yorkers are disgusting and should not be classified as members of the human race. FUCK. NEW. YORK.
Guy with a brain: fny
Little new york douchefag: Oh, you're jealous!
Guy with brain: Oh, where do you live?
douchefag: Miami....
Guy with brain: Right. Suck my dick, bitch.
by FuckNewYorkToHell September 17, 2010
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,there's nothing you can't do.
Each streets will make you feel brand new,big lights will inspire you.
A: do you know that new song?New york by alicia keys and jay z?

Z:The title is empire state of mind,bitch.
by xxHellax. August 29, 2010
Antithesis to the airheaded, redneck Chicago.
New York is better, for many reasons.
by US Eye March 22, 2007
Just a large city on America's east coast. To the residents of New York, it is the center of the universe, the greatest city on earth, the only place people can become rich and "make it big" at, the city that has the absolute best Italian food in the world,period, the only place with "real" pizza, subs, and bagels. To new York residents, everywhere else in the world is not as good or exciting. To the rest of the world, new York is just a city mainly full of assholes who think that they are better than everyone else because Billy Joel named a song after them. When new York residents go on vacation, they are not very fun to be around because they will constantly badger you about how much better things are in new York.
After finishing meal a nice Italian restaurant not in new york while on vacation-
Guy not from new York(paying for the meal)- Wow, this was great. How'd you like your meal?
Guy from new york- Eh, ya know, back in New York they got this mad awesome deli that makes a way better meatball sub. But yeah, I guess this place is halfway decent, I mean, to be wasting your money at.
Guy not from new york- Oh yeah well your welcome for taking you here, you prick. Why don't you just go back to new york and tell all your new York friends how great new York is. New York, new York , new York, I just cant get eenough of it.
by Almostliamneeson January 03, 2015
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