New labour, old labour renamed in the hope that they would have a lib dem effect and all the young ones would love them which they do, they get to have asbo's to make them look tough, more people pass GCSE and AS levels (by taking as many resits as they want and the fact that its easy but thats not the point blair thinks)
Tries to get us all to loose weight and be healthy one word, Prescott, basically lib dems in red and in power.
New labour pah there all the same
by Emmzy February 11, 2006
Different to the old labour party, the became new labour in about 1994 when tony blair became leader and there heading for the right.
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
The Labour Party without the Labour. See also: Old Liberal Party.
The whole point of the Labour Party was so that working class people wouldn't have to vote Liberal any more. Now Labour are the new old Liberals, the Conservatives are the old New Labour, and the LibDems are somehow the old Tories and the old Labour Party at the same time. British politics makes no sense...
by dudeinwales October 26, 2006
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