1 Wild Card 43 Division Titles
40 Pennants(I count 1994 because they had the best record so back when there wasnt a playoff; best record determined who won the pennant).
26 World Championships

The greatest team ever not just in baseball but in every sport. 110 titles total. The cream of the crop. A team that has been great long before free agency.

They lost to Boston in 2004, but after beating them year after year and decade after decade, the sox were due to win at least once. And it wasnt like the Yanks had Clemens, Pettite, Wells, Soriano, or even Giambi, where as the Red Sox lost no one from 2003 and also added Schilling in a trade for no one and also Foulke(which by the way the sox have a 127 million dollar payroll, so I wouldnt bitch about just the Yanks).And who the Yanks had to replace all those great pitchers were either injured or inexperienced. So I look at the Yanks/Sox series of 2004 like when the Knicks finally beat the bulls in 94 to go to the finals: They did it when Jordan didnt play so basically when the talent left the team. So they didnt really do it when it counted or the sox would of done it in 2003.

But anyways the legacy of the Yanks is forever in stone as sports icons. The truest of champs and forever the team that is either loved or hated. Either way the Yankees put buts in the seats and that people is great for baseball. Long live the Evil Empire! If you haters want some, come get some! Oh and for you bitches who just love to hate. The Score is: New York Yankees 26, Boston Red Sux 6. I figuered I would let you all know. Long live the curse of Pedro Martinez.
Whats it mean to be great dad and whats it mean to suck? Well son to be great you got to be a New York Yankee, and to suck you got to be a Red sox and a New england sports Fan.
by Elston Dellucci May 07, 2005
Top Definition
1. The reason baseball is no fun anymore.
2. The evil empire.
3. A team that posers pretend to have liked since the birth canal, when in fact they only started liking them after they won the Series a few years ago.
Bob: I like the Yankees.
Jim: I will give you ten seconds to get a running start, after which I will hunt you down and murder you.
by Capheine December 10, 2003
probably the most hated baseball team.
New york Yankees deserve all the hate. A-Rod sucks anus.
by Adrian May 25, 2006
the root of all known evil, past and present.
the Yankee$ lost the World Series to Florida...hahahahahaha
by Yankee$_suck November 17, 2003
The Yankees own everything and everyone- mostly because they have deeeeeeeeeep pockets, and can afford to buy everthing and everyone.
Guy#1"Look, the yankees lost 500 million in the stock market!"
Guy#2"It's ok, they've got billions where that came from!"
by Bob September 29, 2003
1. An American League baseball team with 26 World Championships and 39 A.L. pennants

2. The Bronx Bombers

3. The most storied dynasty in sports

3. Pedro Martinez' and Brian Pratt's daddy
"The Yankees are my daddy" - Pedro Martinez
by G-Money October 14, 2004
American League baseball team based in The Bronx, New York. They were established in 1901 and currently play in Yankees Stadium. Some famous players include: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig,Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Joe Dimaggio, Don Mattingly and countless others most of which have been inducted into the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown.

Undoubtedly the most dominant professional sports franchise in the US and possibly the world. As of now ('06) 26 world series wins, 39 World series appearances and a history of winning, legendary players and professionalism unparalleled to any other ball club in MLB.
lots of people are jealous of the new york yankees because of their success, especially people who troll on Urban dictionary. Yankee fans don't care what others think, we stick by our team through thick and thin.

people point out the obvious by stating that the yankees buy players, no shit sherlock, every team buys players you pay players to play- hence PROFESSIONAL baseball, this ain't little league- the yankees are better at it because it has the biggest and most dedicated fan base in the US.

we also have johnny damon

by Magik Bus October 03, 2006
The team bandwagoners love to be a part of.
It's pronounced "Yang Keys".
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
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