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1. A NEW YORK MINUTE has exactly the same length like every other minute in the World. What gives the expression its meaning is the AMOUNT OF ACTIVITY you can squeeze into a standard minute. Simple: when you are in New York, more things seem to happen in a minute than elsewhere.

2. it is NOT a time mode of Max Payne 2, but the tagline of the games atmosphere. duh!
...everything ripped apart in a New York minute... (tagline of the game Max Payne 2)
by whyzcracka June 20, 2005
a time from when the light turns green, to when the person behind you honks the shizzle out of you
daaaaaaamn.......that light went by in a new york minute dawg!!!
by g meister December 10, 2003
time in new york city, new york state
It can happen in a New York minute.
by Rhonda Gardner September 26, 2004
time it takes for derek jeter to suck off joe torree while A-Rod jack's off in the corner
steinbrunner..."Hey bernie they done down there?"...
steinbrunner..."Damn...that wat i call a new york minute"
by Janick April 27, 2006
1:The average amount of time it takes for a New Yorker(male) to cum. New Yorkers tend to talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk. This goes for fighting also, bringing us to a second definition. 2: The time it takes to kick the shit out of a New Yorker.
1: Sarah knew that Tony would be done in a New York minute, after she stuck her thumb up his ass.
2: I got in 3 fights in NY, not one of them lasting longer than a New York minute.
by rfpirate April 23, 2008
Approximately equal to one second in reality.
I'll have it done in a New York minute!
by omega9999 December 14, 2003
1. An undefined amoutnt of time. Could be much longer or shorter than a minute because of the dynamics of city life.

2. Timed difficulty mode of Max Payne
1. My life changed in a New York minute

2. WOOO I fainally beat Max Payne on New York Minute.
by Just zis guy, you know? December 11, 2003