To Nevins:

1. To acheive a feat of great strength.
2. To run over an animal.
2. "Why did you have to nevins that cat?"
#six pack #nevins #nevinsed #cat #cinders
by Philpack September 02, 2008
Top Definition
the most pimp thing sum1 could ever say or do
dude thats so nevin
by nastynate October 07, 2003
the most pimpin man alive
Man i want to be just like nevin he is cool pimpin
by Pizzleonmydrizzzleakadoug December 14, 2004
To acheive a feat of great strength.
Phillip: "And then I flipped over the car!"
Mere mortal: "I know dude you were COMPLETLY nevins!"
#nevins #strong #muscles #strength #hard
by Philpac September 10, 2008
An adjective that describes people of the male gender if they are handsome, cool and great-looking...
Oh! See that guy at the bar? He's just sooooo nevin!!!!
#handsome #cool #nice #nevin #swag #goodlooking
by MrManManMan June 25, 2013
The almighty. Nothing better. Biggest dick. Most muscular. Anything you could ever need/want. God's greatest creation.
You're being such a Nevin! Fuck yes!
#sexy #beast #smart #funny #handsome
by NotNevin August 07, 2014
Nevin Is very nice very nice
hahahahaha hahahahha hahahah
by Nevin January 26, 2005
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