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the most pimp thing sum1 could ever say or do
dude thats so nevin
by nastynate October 07, 2003
A term that defines that act of rubbing two vaginas together.
Sarah and mary like to bump tacos.
by Nastynate June 12, 2003
It can mean lots of things like... a penis, a jerk, a stupid person, or a common explative. It is a word invented by Peter Griffin
More beer you slappywag

Hold on to your slappywag!

Wad up you slappywag
by Nastynate August 03, 2004
The pronounced version of rofl, used when the user is very bored and can think of nothing else to use.
Dude1: Dude, I just scored with Janine.
Dude2: Dude, shes a guy.
by NastyNate December 29, 2003
a fat person from north dakota who likes men
man your such a cheezer
by nastynate October 07, 2003
Its a mix of bugie, something thats really fly or cool, and ghetto, something is tacky/awful/cheap or just ass it usually is ghetto.
An expensive weave is bughetto because a weave in itself is ghetto and because its expensive its bugie.
by NastyNate December 26, 2003
when something is tight but u wanna say oh my god and act like a retard
shes touchin yo weiner .....OHH MYY GOHH!!
by nastynate October 07, 2003
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