An imaginary place where children go when they don't want to grow up.

Not to be confused with NeverLand, which is located at Michael Jackson's place.
Wendy went to NeverNever Land and din't have to pay taxes.
by Rodney Basil May 20, 2004
Top Definition
A world of fantasy we enter in our dreams. Metallica sung about it in their hit single, Enter Sandman.
"Exit light, enter night,
Take my hand, we're off to NeverNever Land!"
by Vince May 17, 2004
when you park your car so far away that you forget where you parked when your done with your business.
guy: dude, i forgot where i parked.

guy 2: i remember, wasnt it all the way out in never never land?

by kpizzle26 April 06, 2009
1)the place that you go when you sleep

2)utopian dreamland

3)second star to the right
"crazy night in never neverland"

"im so tired, im already in Never-Never Land"

by the.original.macprincess August 07, 2008
(n.) Home of peter pan, also known as Holland.
Urbandictionaryer Dude, you meant the Netherlands, right?

KFJ: huh? Yea...right.



by Kung-Fu Jesus May 15, 2004
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